Girl by the river 

There's a breeze gentle whispering as she went for a swim

In the river by her home, in the country up north

Her raven black hair came alive in the stream

In the crystal clear water she looked like a dream


The girl by the river is blessed by nature

She's like a fire on a frosty morn.

Her beauty's stunning like the blooming heather

She's pure as the honey from the moor


The deep river blues run through her veins

As she sing to her children sweet lullabies

Songs she remembers her grandma used to sing

In the evening shadows by the candle light


Once she moved to the city, for the love of her life

He promised her diamonds, if she would be his wife

After three babies born His drinking went astray

Their love turned to rust and she blew him away


The northern lights on fire. On a cold, frosty night

The grouse is nesting in the morning light

Here nobody owns you That’s your kind of life

When one story’s told another comes alive


She sat on her porch and her mind slipped away

‘bout how life is changing through out the day

You wake up as one person in the morning so bright

And you end up changed, in the dimming of the light




I see beauty in the village church

I see beauty in both death and birth

In the cobalt skies. In the room above

I see beauty in all kind of love


In the shepherds eye when he finds his herd

In every song from any kind of bird

I see beauty when the sprout turns green

Where the mountains high and the air is clean


There is this carnal beauty in my life

And in the quietness of the sleeping child

There is beauty in one single hair

If you look you find it anywhere


In the raging storm. In the pouring rain.

When the snow is deep, with a frosty frame

I see beauty when the rivers rise

As I see it when I meet your eyes




Heavenly touch

It is a heavenly touch. When the sun rises up from the sea

That magical moment is sacred to me

It's bright in the heaven and my prayer is that one day we meet

With no fear, envy or meanness just honesty to feed


I know Jesus existed but I'm not sure he walked on the sea

A Mother was proud of her child but afraid of the dream

I had dirt on my hands and I know I never get free

But some one is there and has taken the pain away from me


I had one hand of silver and one hand of gold

I traded it gladly for a heart that's pounding of love

Now I feel so much better, and not so iron frost cold

I have my faith and feel that I'm saved by your love


There is no understanding in Gods way of rule

So many things out there that make this world oh so cruel

Lost are the sheeps and the shepherd are searching in vain

Have a look for yourself you might find what is lost and insane


I'll keep my life simple, but I feel rich cause I know there's no doubt

Your love for me is real and will never grow cold

I stay on the path if I slip you will help me back

I try my best to be strong, on this violent track




Away up in the moutain

I’m gazing out my window

Were Bluebells praise the day

I then recall a story

My mind was swept away

About a family in the mountains

Where life is harsh and rough

How they hold on to their dream

In worship faith and endless love


The wind blows smooth as the day run slowly

And you know there is no sin in true love


Laurie was the oldest

Her age was 17

A radiant kind of beauty

Dressed in linen from the field

She had this neighbor boy friend

As tall as any oak

They live up in the mountains

Where they breathe the air of God


The variety of months

Makes every season strong

Springtime turns to autumn

As winter hang around

With snow deep as a man's height

Hiding all the creeks.

Away up in the mountain a young couple touching cheeks.


Through rough and hungry hours

They struggle as they pray

Grace and meekness fills their souls

When their fields turn green one day

They melt their song together

Their bond where oh so strong

To survive up in the mountains

You must prove that you belong




Be easy on me babe

Be easy on me babe

Don't believe what you been told

Be easy on me babe

I’m getting way to old

Don't want to bring trouble

In to somebody’s home


Be careful with your message

There is a war going on

Be careful with your message

It might to be in your hometown

I’ve been watching your door for hours

And it’s still not break of dawn


Don't try to mess with my time

I'm not a person that like to wait

Don’t try to mess with my time

I'm a fool of bad habits and it’s late

If you let me down for a dime

I might be a person you will hate


I've been out in the bad weather

I'm as wet as wet can be

I've been out in the bad weather

Never to dry up as you see

I'll wear the darkest leather

The sun won't ever shine on me




Bobs song

A tiny boy so hungry, so thirsty and so cold

Seeking shelter in a café with a guitar and voice so old

There were men of many colours and women hanging round

The song he sang had questions, and told them right from wrong


The train started rolling. The wheel started humming

The times they where a changing

And he had to travel on


An electric lightning rocked the stage as the ghost like man appears

The crowd could not believe the sound that hit their ears

They called him a betrayer, a rotten man who dared

But nothing seems to mind him

He didn’t seem to care


A crazy way of living. Take too much of a man.

He crashed and fell, then disappeared

Became a family man

But his gypsy soul hunted him like a hobo on the run

In a restless night he went on the train and was on the road again


The train entered the station. In the front there stood a priest

His songs about salvation, it felt like a disease

He got the nerve to tell you that you got to take a stand

Either the lord will save you, or the devil will take your hand


There’s a man on the platform  Where the train stops to rest

He’s looking at the world. He’s gotta hole in his chest

Cause he gave us his heart, in every song that he wrote

Still curios he is. It’s imprinting every note




Denise, Denise

There’s a woman living up there. Close to the borderline

Her breath is sweet as candy but there’s fire in her eyes


Denise, Denise. Do you remember me?

When I hear your voice a calling. I’ll climb your tall oak tree


The tattoo on your back. It shaking as it rolls

The passion in that message. It is pure rock’n roll


Your cooking is beyond compare. You stir that boiling pot

The seasoning and the mixture, it’s like you, steaming hot


The temperature is rising when you step into the room.

You sweep the floor with moving hips, wile you’re laughing at the moon





Devils threat

In the morning dew I was walking through the meadow with my love.

A man comes riding from the opposite side. Saying lord I lost my soul.

It greaves my heart to hear such pain

My darling girl did shout

Without his soul his life is lost, in misery and doubt


His eyes glow like burning coal, his tongue split and blue

His hood and cape dark as night

Ironed boots of snakeskin to

The coldest wind filled the air and froze the morning dew

Then I knew who he was, why he came and what he was up to


I took a grip at my true loves arm and whispered with my voice.

Please let us leave this place of hell. She screams back its God's choice

What do you mean you foolish girl?

Have you become insane?

It's not the way to the glory land

It's the highway straight to hell


The man he snarled something loud that I didn’t understand

But my true love started shivering and took his ghastly diamond hand

He dragged her up on his prancing horse with skin grey as rain

I grabbed my dagger with silver blade and tried to hit his vein


He snapped the dagger with lightning speed and grabbed me by the throat

I’ll be in the shadow waiting for you. I swear by the oath.

A way they rode as I catch my breath and dried bloodshot eyes

I didn’t really feel a thing except for sickness and disgrace


The devil tried to get me, using a woman as a tempting frame

But my fate is strong, in this world so wrong. I never thought he gain.

Suddenly I heard a song, as a soft breath tossed the air.

I raised my head stepped forward, to see what could be there


A woman in a silver gown, dancing crosses the field.

I bowed my head and then I knew she was the one for real.

I kissed her on her cheek and bra. She gave me her whitest dove.

Away it flew as I'm walking through the meadow with my love.




Ding Dong daddy

There's stuff going on with a swampy downtown beat

There's pimp on the corner watching his meat


Ding Dong Daddy

Spreads his dirt down town

Ding Dong Daddy

Wears his hat like a crown


He got teeth of silver, and earrings of gold

Diamond ring fingers, and a gun to hold


A brother on every corner. His family own the streets

Safe and well protected, But you know he never sleeps


His whores they need their medicine He wears it up his sleeve

They're drugged and threatened That’s why they never leave


One night outside the go-go bar Daddy and his girls were hanging around

Crazy Slim draw his shooter. And Daddy hit the ground


As life left Daddy’s body. Crazy Slim knelt down on him

His lips touched Daddy’s left ear And he whispered with a grin


Ding Dong Daddy

Spread his dirt down town

Ding Dong Daddy

Wore his hat like a crown






There s something sneaky about this place

Can you sense it from your spot?

Warning signs all over

If you trespass you'll be shot

This land fed you for thousand years

Now there's nothing you can do

It rumbles in my head as I thought

Greed shown his face on you


The riot squad with banners

Are screaming out their rage

Another soldier took a life

His trapped in some ones cage

Who wants to rule a kingdom?

And invade your country too

I knew it as I saw the news

Greed shown his face on you


In every nook and cranny we're searching for the oil

Salmon farms in every fiord since long time lost control

We pollute and we plunder as we're hiding from the truth

More I learn, more I know

Greed shows its face on you


You wonder how religion became a dirty lie

Use Jesus and Mohammed as a disguise for awful crimes

The beauty of religion are washed in blood my men who rule

You just don’t care about your next of kin

When greed’s all over you


She's getting way too weak now. He can’t help her anymore

They moved her to a nursing home He'll visit her for sure

But she has to share her room. So no privacy will do

You don't build rooms for everyone

When greed's all over you






This is the a story of jilted love

From where the lotus flowers bloom

Are you a man in the body of a woman?

You too got family by blood

But you’re born under a black moon


Hijra, hijra

Does the snake in you appear? Do you want to cause fear?

Cast a spell on your host. Are you really a ghost?

Sad , sad is your twinkling eye


He wants you at his wedding and when his child is born

You perform your hypnotic dance

When the night turns black He wants you back

To give him pleasure on the darkest track


Your life is narrow in many ways

They say you live the seven sins

With your chelas waiting on your holy ground

You’re mystic; you’re my dancing twin


Babies gone, and children disappear

You were seen in the neighbourhood

Wearing a torch after dark. Hungry as a shark

You that have eyes like an angel’s heart?


How’s living this way? Are you pleasant and gay

You that’s so hunted, fragile and forlorn

Have you someone to love

When your age turns to gold

You that’s born under a black moon





I’ll never let you go

In the night I’ll see the day that’s over

In your arms I’ll rest until I go

For your life I’ll give mine up tomorrow

Shine your light I will never let you go


There’s a light that’s shining in the morning

It’s blue and fades the night away

Like a bird you’re singing from your pillow

Shine your light I will never let you go


More than tears your smile makes me surrender

More than lies I’ll speak the truth to you

If you dare you’ll be my love forever

Shine your light I will never let you go


I stay calm when you are here beside me

Sense your breath, even though I don’t see

Be my guide when I’m lost in the wilder

Shine your light I will never let you go





If only we knew

I saw your face among the crowd

Your head held high. You seemed so proud

I met your eyes. They were fiery brown

Your beauty stroked me. You knocked me down


I picked up a thought and gave it to you

It mean much more than flowers do

I whispered something in your ear

Something that could bring me so near


You mumbled something about the book of Ruth

I took of my cross and gave it to you

You retuned my gesture with a kiss on my cheek

I almost panicked and stopped to breed


I picked up a thought and gave it to you

It means much more than flowers do

I whispered something in your ear

Something that could bring me so near


I want your hand in the palm of mine

Will save it there, with humble pride

To be honest with you, and praise the day

If we only knew love won’t fade away


I picked up a thought and gave it to you

It means much more than flowers do

I whispered something in your ear

Something that could bring me so near






Too many questions

you get lost in sin

Too much trouble

Make one's head spin


Lies lies lies

Buzzing like flies

Lies lies lies

Nothing but lies


If you ask something

And their eyes starts roll

Will they tell the truth?

Is it their parole?


What about things

That doesn't fit in

Change the truth

And see what it brings


Be aware of one thing

If politicians win

You can see in their eyes

They’re selected on lies


No one tells the truth

Litter and bad food

Is the food we eat?

Poisoned with greed


You believe in the gossip

Spread around

It's nothing to it

Empty words on the run


Just a tiny little lie

Can make someone hurt

In the end of the line

Is it really worth





Marching to the beat of my own drum

You can do what you want, You can du what you must

You can do as they say, You can chose who to trust

You can meet the one you need, doesn’t matter to me

I'm marching to the beat of my own drum


All those restless souls, with no peace in mind

All those friendless kids, not feeling fine

All those blinded parents, that don't cope with time

I'm glad I'm marching to the beat of my own drum


Newspaperman with lying lips

Always someone, with doubtful tips

They point their pen, and fire the gun

Well I'm marching to the beat of my own Drum


Trash and dirt floating 'round

Politician lies and nothing is done

Buy emission credits, so we can feed the scum

I'll march to the beat of my own drum


Day by day goes on like this

In the end of the line, I'll make a wish

That there’s opportunity in every kiss

Still marching to the beat of my own drum





More than you ever know

Tight is the music from the band

But it’s loose enough to save the sound

Dreaming of you and I feel sad

You made my days the best I ever had


Can’t understand that I let you down

Don’t see it that way. But I wasn’t around

I really wanted things to last

But you cut the bound way to fast


Small city lies and big city dreams

Things isn’t always as it seams

Naked in bed naked through life

Strange to others

I acted like a child


Someone burned down your home

You stood there in ashes that covered to the ground

Clean of your shit get ready to fight

Nothing comes through if you just run and hide


You stood there in silence with tears on your cheek

I packed my bag and took to the street

I twisted my arm so you wouldn’t know

That my heart was hurt

More than you ever know


Winter is coming leaves cover the ground

Minutes and ours tracking me down

I hurt the one that I love the most

A look in the mirror

What I see is a ghost





Mother of our lord

With her soft tender voice and heart like the sun

She must be the mother of our Lord

She makes butter and rice

When your hunger cries

And gives you water from her well when you're dry


She sings like a songbird, in the sun after rain

Her faith can move mountains to a glen.

Her hope lights up darkness

Like a torch burns bright.

Lets your fears disappear with the rain


Tell the tail my Old Friend

Let's hear the story of your life

As you sing your final song

She'll be there as your wife.

Long after they're all gone.

She has your flowers in her hand

And a single black ribbon round her head


Let Mistress Mary step aside and her demons go to sleep

Don't wake them up even though you can

Let the Thunderstorm pass. Keep your wishes from the past

Make them bow down and stop growl at last


She will find your narrow road, and guide you through the fog.

Let her take your walking cane and lead you like a blind man’s dog

You have to trust her scapegoat charm. Let her hold you in your arm.

When the nighttime turns to dawn


Like an eagle in the sky

You can let your body fly

She'll take you through your human mind

No conspiracy or crime

No eternal flame.

Just hold on to her name.

Bridge: She will find...






In a house, by the lake, on the outskirt of town

Old man Jacob sitting by the window

A half sunk boat in the reeds. Catches his eye

Rain in the air, thunder from the sky

His rubber boots covered with mud


Rain was pouring down and his poor heart was pumping

His fingertips tapped on the table

As his voice start humming


He could see her in the twilight and his heart grew black

A moaning song tossed from the wind

Someone is doomed, by death and sin

A stone was thrown with a pitch black grin

A body dragged through the mud


He swept his hand through his greasy hair

Sweaty with bullied eyes

Old man Jacob wipe of the dirt

You could feel the weight of the stone

That burdened his heart


He went to her that once used to be

He looked wild like the roaring sea

I’m back for you love, I cut the chain

Let’s drink a toast, come and ride with me

And leave all misery


The woman was scared and her mind felt ablast

She grabbed the pistol from her purse

A shot rung out and a piece of led poked inn

Her lover was down so fast

Like a broken twig


Like fever she nodded against the wall

That her shadow was printed up on

She couldn't believe that her wish came through

But she had to take him down

And leave before the dawn


Rain was pouring down and her poor heart was pumping

Her fingertips tapped on the table

And her voice start humming





My Morning Jacket

My morning jacket is way to big

Put it on every morning together with my wig

Like a self destructing maniac,

Or a monkey on a gig

Making me scream like a frustrated pig


My morning jacket filed up with lead

Have to wear it and it's far over my head

So heavy that my knees rattle and shake

I just long for a timeout as the morning break


So much bad influence so many mistakes

Some people out there are acting fake

They build up illusions until they make you sick

And they turn you down double quick


My morning jacket got shades of blue

It 's hiding my mistakes and my sorrow too

It's good for protection. On this greasy trail

Where my morning jacket like a home made jail





No peace for the wicked mind

There s a restless world for a wicked mind

A look to the left, and a glimpse to the righ

Always somebody out there trying to define

That there is no peace for the wicked mind


He sees a ghost in every crowd

And like a rabbit he runs

Afraid of the unknown and the underground

But he don't see his own crime

He is out of time

There is no peace for the wicked mind


He let down his love and trusted friends

Seeks the trouble, but hate the end

He says he loves you and believes he's kind

Oh, there is no peace for the wicked mind


Why is his moral not equal to yours?

He thinks that it is but it is to obscure

He bet on the white horse that never crosses the line

There is no peace for the wicked mind


He can't wake the dead and he's lost on the sea.

It hurts him when he wakes up, and there 's nowhere to be.

Alone in time, lost and blind

There is no peace for the wicked mind




On the other shide

All The honest work you want to do

All expectations that’s putting on you

They push and plunder till your brain starts plead

If you don't have the answers

They will sure let you bleed


Far away on the other side

Far on the other side

There's a bed to rest on and curtains to draw

No need to worry. No fear at all


55 people in a leaking boat

Fighting waves on the oceans roar

They had nothing back home

Nothing at all

Just the smell of death and rotten fraud


The words and threats that no one could hear

Well hidden behind four walls

You covered his madness protected your child

Wish he swallowed his tongue and was choked in his drool


A beggar on the street looking at you

Begging you a coin to share

Spitted and kicked on while sitting there

Dream the lord will hear the prayer


Terrified screams as he was taken away

Just before break of dawn

Anxiety and Panic deep in their eyes

His grave was never to be found





Return to me

Watching The morning light from my humble home

Sky is on fire over old viking ground

and as the sun rise in east over the salty sea

I wish from my heart that you return to me


Return to me Return to me

When you reach the end off the world

When you find what's lost

When you kiss the cross

You will Return to me


He was a knight who served a king with his life

Had his doubt about what's wrong and what's right

He fought many wars and saild seven seas

And my deepest wish is that he return to me


Return to me. Return to me. When you reach the end of the world

When you find what you lost

And you kiss the cross

Then you return to me


If you must travel that far to see who you are

If your answeres is found at the end of longest yeard

If you have to go and miss your children grow

Well so it be, I'll set you free


If your ship travel fast and you sail the seven seas

Then you reach the end of the world

When you kiss the cross

And find whats lost

you still wished you returned to me




Roll on

There's a dandy in a bar

Drinking vodka as his meal

He had one to many women

Some of them for real

Roll on, man roll on

What might have been your scheme?

Just ended in a dream


At the mirror on the wall

She squinting all in vain

Heavy makeup hiding

Lines caused by pain

Roll on, roll on

What might have been your scheme?

Just ended as a dream


Man stand blinded by the sun

In his hands a hunting gun

His factory shut down

A family on the run

The future black as night

No morning light in sight

What might have been your scheme?

Just ended as a dream

Roll on. Roll on

What might have been your scheme?

Just ended as a dream


Widow steering through the glass

As she's waiting for the past

But the past is not to come

He is forever gone

Roll on, roll on

What might have been your scheme? Ended as a dream





Six feet from your kiss

Are you in love with me?

Just can’t believe it

Do you really know?

Can you truly feel it?

My finger on your doorbell

And I'm six feet from your kiss


The leaves are gone

It’s slowly turning

In this winter night

A log fire burning

A blizzard will appear

I'm Six feet from your kiss


Got the picture of you

And a heart that’s bleeding

Wrote you a letter

You stopped the pleading

I straighten my coat

I’m six feet from your kiss


Your life was so hard. You toiled through the day

The night took your tears and hid them away

No one could see that the end was that close

I came just in time, to heal a heart that was crushed


You're dancing alone

Your hips are moving

The night is so cold

But I can see that you're glowing

My finger on your doorbell

And I'm six feet from your kiss





Such a beautiful touch

The rain knocks my window. Grey is the sky.

With a pencil I’m drawing your face.

A song on the radio, is a little to much.

You’re like a painting with such a beautiful touch


The words from your mouth, never rang out,

or did I never listen that much?

It’s strange how silence dies in the end.

You’re like a painting my beautiful friend.

A teacup of water, flushes my throat 

It lingers the moment I’m in

It’s clearing my breathing, shivers the dust

from the painting with such a beautiful touch.


I’m neither that sorry, nor either that sad

I feel kind of loss ‘cause it all went so bad

The drooling of sisters. They’re howling like wolfs

I never cared about such.

You were my pencil. You were my crutch.

Now you’re the painting with such a beautiful touch





Take the train back home


Take a ride back where your home is

Take the train. Just get on board

Even if there is no free ride

Have faith and get on board


You‘ve been walking for so long now

Your feet are sore night want to come

Your head is weary, and you’re lonely

Take the train where you belong


It is there for stolen moments

A place to rest when the day is done

Where the comfort is protected

Just get ready and get it done



I have travelled east and west

And this pierced me through the heart

People cry for mercy

As they stumbled through the dark

I tried my best to save them

But there was really nothing I could do

Have mercy on their souls

I’ll lean my faith on you


The entire search for where the truth is

Behind masks and folded arms

In the eyes of a beaten

In the grave of good lucks charm







The music rings in my ears

I'm strolling down the road

That will lead me to a place

Where tango dancers goes

I'm looking for a woman

That I met last night in a cantina

I want to see her dancing

See the passion when it flows


Smooth is the dance

This is the chance


The night is kind of moist

The air shivers of perfume

She's sitting by the table

Like a flower in full bloom

She' waits for the Latino

To show up, and lead her through the tango

His a dark, handsome gaucho

A dream. One far of gone


Eyes meet and their hands clutch

Hips moves and bodies touch

The music is like the oceans rhythm

And they're floating in the sea

His breath has a touch of tobacco

Sweat drips as the dance goes

His chin against her forehead

They’re like shadows in the night


The dance live as the strong wind

Her hair is wildly from the swirling

Heavy passion flirting

Might be a night to win

He dance like Mr. Lorenzo

The man in the old cantina

The one she use to dream of

In days far of gone


She pulls off her shoes when the dance ends

The Latino’s leaving through the entrance

He was that kind of man

Who appear in dreams?

I put down my glass of bourbon

Slide through the door not to disturb them

I’ve seen enough of the dancing

Those days are far of gone.






The Fairy

Deep in the woods when the light got dim.

I spied me a fairy so sweet

With her golden locks and her swirling gown,

she danced and I lost it complete


I knelt down on my knees not to disturbe anyone

Heard the sound of a fiddlers tune

Were ringing from the sky as

the sun dissapeard,and my heart was beating like a drum


I could see her tail under her gown and I felt a moment of peace

My mind it went heavenly bound and I knew there was no retriate


The mist swept the forest and the cobweb glinsed

as the spider played on it strings

She swirled and danced to the blackbirds tune,

as the night comes sneaking in


My heart almoust stopped as I met her eyes,

saw the gastly smile on her lipps

I slowly raised and she grabbed my arm,

and I felt her lipps on mine


The spider played and the blackbird sang

as the dance went heavy and wild

The night went black and the musik stopped,

and she danced my life away.






The Garden

There’s a place I go. When it's thunderstorms

There’s a garden there. For grief and thoughts

A place where time stands still, and like always will

In the twilight zone between heat and chill


With the beat of drums, pounding in my chest.

will hang my hat and my boots will rest.

In the shadow of the tall oak tree.

I can see the dream that comes to me.


And the river sing and dance its way, from my

eye of hope down my wrinkled skin.

For a thousand years it will float like this.

From that well of joy to endless grief


When the leaves of life falling to the ground

and the mother earth will tear them down

When the evening sun turn the mountains red

I swear to God I love you until I’m dead


Then I’ll take your hand. My lips are cold.

I pray to God please take my soul







The ghost of Jealousy nod

As he left your apartment and went down the stairs

Three floors down, and out through the door

He was listening to the words that still rang in the air

The words about abandoned love


You’re changing your dress when the season ends

You’re gonna leave your loved ones behind

A tingling feeling when silver bird flies

Someone waits at the end of the line


All he saw was his cheek and his neck

At the picture in the frame at your shelf

And he really didn't want to see glimpse of his face

And he wish it were somebody else


He closed that door and took to the street

Haunted by demons again

His knuckles turn white as he grabbed his life

His head felt heavy as led

What a tragic figure I thought to my self

As my reflection in the window I saw

A manufactured anger made of unsecured love

Felt the ghost of jealousy nodded


Nothing lasts any longer than you allow it to do

So take a grip round his feet when he swims

An undisturbed surface might hide dreadful sins

When the disease of jealousy wins





The Island of silence

The road was so long, dusty and dry

With shivering legs and no tears left to cry

He was headed for the Island of Silence


His clothes were tarred like his soul and his mind

Where did he come from? What’s left behind?

On his road to the Island of Silence


A rose as fresh as the dew in the morn’

Calling his name in the town where he was born

But nothing could stop him , his heart rage a storm

Cause he’s heading for the Island of Silence


He who had all the money, and wealth of a king

Why feel the despair that sorrow brings

Why struggle for the Island of Silence


The rumour said that he lost his mind

When he saw all the trouble made by mankind

He gave up his wealth and mansion of gold

Gave his heart to the Lord above

And went to serve him from the Island of Silence


I was sitting alone on a old wooden chair

As the nun and her sisters knelt down in prayer

The monastery bell chimes through the air

As I felt the the mans ghost appear

In his home on the Island of Silence





This Waltz For You


This waltz for you

The kindness in your heart, make the music start

I’m swirling slowly around

My feet they slide when the orchestra plays

A soft, dazzling sound


This waltz with you. This waltz with you.

I’m dancing this waltz with you

Like when the winter wind meets the breath of spring

I’ll dance this waltz with you


Like a branch in the wind. We begin to swing

Forward, backward in rhythm

when I close my eyes, I see cotton like skies

And smell the flavour of Mountain Thyme


Don’t need the challenge of a down hill dance

Or put my self to the limit of life

Just want to be with you, as the sunbeams do

When they caress the morning light






Tinker Bell

Autumn wind slither me to the bone

I’ve been short of breath since you turned me down

A raging voice roaring from the grown

I can't believe it,

I'm lost and stoned


Tinker Bell Tinker Bell ease the pain

Another poison arrow hits my brain.

I could feel it coming like a toiling drug

Take me back to your place and dry me up


I couldn't see it coming. I'm much to blind

I only felt the pain when it nailed my mind

I hit the fence in my pinstriped shirt

As old hands folded in the neighbor church


Six black horses and the undertaker did approach

They put me on a wagon made of pine and oak

Then a roaring Thunder and a lightning stroked

The wagon caught fire I escaped through the smoke


Tinker Bell Tinker Bell fly me home

Sit with me on my porch

Just don’t leave me alone

I’m in all kind of wars. It’s so absurd

But what can’t be cured must be endured






Waiting for you

I can see, there’s a light in your window

Annalie, are you waiting for me?

I ’ ll bee there when the night turn the colours

Then I rest in your arms, Annalie


There’s a tree, with apples in your garden

I can smell the sweetnes of the fruit

Oh, your smile, and your coffee in the morning

Sense the breath of your love Annalie


Got this load , got this load on my shoulders

There’s a fire, that burns in my chest

And the path, is slippery and winding

Oh, I long, for your home and some rest






Hey there friends I’ll tell you a tale

A bout a man who just got out of jail

He's fast furious, nosy and hype

Kind of a neurotic type

Ref: They call him Weasel. Sniffing around

Weasel, hunts you down


Prowl around day and night

Steals and nicks what ever he likes

If you put out a cake, he can't resist

Grabs it with both his fists


I saw him one day popping around

His beard was tousled, his hair was long

He snapped a purse and cracked a brace

You should see the look in that womans face


Flashing lights did appear And Weasel set to run

Cop some yards behind him

Try to chase him down

But Weasel runs with four feet And dived into a car

With lightning speed he drove away

But crashed into a bar


They dragged Weasels body out

A tiny sound seep from his mouth

His face white as an ermine coat

As he made his eternal home


No one there to say goodbye

No family or friends arrived

But that’s the way it usual goes

When you’re a weasel on the run






Your Island 

That smile you gave me when you opened your door.

Made me try to remember if I’ve been here before

Your aqua blue eyes gave me peace in mind.

I remember now what was left behind


It was freezing and the stars twinkled

when the frost took a grip round my nose

Your orange scarf kept me warm, glad I borrowed it from you

When we met at the bakery last month


We walked together you and I when the sun woke up

I had to return you before the tide rise

You know I can't swim, and you live on an Island


I heard about a man who could walk on the sea.

It was a long time ago

Wish it was me


Last night I went dry and I will stay sober for over a month, I swear.

Take the train to Chester if you want

It's in the middle of nowhere and I will meet you there

I live there now. There are not so many people around


In every crowded place there’s a snake

Don’t bother kill it

There’s always another one that will take its place


On which train will you appear

I want to meet you down at the station

I'll wear a wide brimmed hat made of rabbit wool

I'll look sharp and not as heavy as the last time we met

You know, I don't think you ever come back to me

Don't feel obligated to

I'm her and always will be if the circumstances are right


The years are getting harder now

Not that I can't cope and I still know how to bake a cake

But I prefer the shallow water and I will build us a boat,

so we can live there on your Island






Your song

Looking at you through the mirror

Looking at you through your eyes

Nothing I see is abandoned

just longing for a kiss and your smile


as I amble in the silver dew morning

And sit on a stone by the camp fire

As I chasing fish in the river

I long for you hand for a while


Nothing is easy. You don’t change time

The times change you

Do the best of life


I can see the dress you're wearing

It’s blue like the Robins egg

I can hear it sing when it pander

Your beauty is beyond my head


I lay my head on your pillow

I covers your body with mine

No one can steal my passion

i will always treat you like mine 



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