Hi folks!


Who am I ?

Well I’m a man of many colours. I’m a songwriter , who write songs about what’s on my mind. Mostly about the environment, religion, love and theft, “if you know what I mean?”

I’m influenced by the folk tradition and americana music. My favorite artists are all in this tradition. I grew up listening to this kind of music. Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, JJ Cale, Patti Smith, Neil and Willie. And British folk music, of course.

My biggest influence though is Bob Dylan.

He has shown me the music of Warren Zevon and Mavis Staples. Because of him I found Liam Clancy and The Band. This lead me to dig deep into the roots of  Americana music.

Thank you Bob.


Another great musician that mean a lot to me is Tor Arne Hansen “ The great bass player”. He believes in my songs and he works so hard to give them the right sound. Every time I’ve been in the studio or on the stage with Tor Arne I feel richer in life.

I also want to thank my friend, Photographer Linda Cartridge for the support and all the great photos and for the making of this website.


So, If you want to see me perform live, you can either book me alone, or me and my band , or just with two or three musicians.

Just give me a call or send a request. No place is too small. No venue is too big.

I've performed in all kind of places, concert halls, clubs, offices and even living rooms in Norway, Denmark, Poland and Italy.




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